"Explore, Create, Evolve."

 It's time we recognize and instill in our youth the importance of creativity and that a strong and balanced society recognizes the importance of not just strong academics, as creativity through a song sense of exploration, risk, engineering, dreaming and passion frees the mind to dream, perceive and create that which we don't already know or understand.  The importance of teaching and leading in these endeavors through parents, school and society are under valued and our one size and one method fits all students is outdated and obtuse.  Balance and freedom to teach what we know rather than what we are told is becoming a growing concern.  Emotional insight and social education are at the forefront of not only our homes, schools, country but the entire world as a collective.


We simply cannot afford to continue to ignore our emotional growth and intelligence any longer.  Promote higher learning and the freedom to teach our children with a new approach whereby we spend less time learning how to take tests, and more time on exploring what captures us.  Education shouldn't be a chore or homework it should be enjoyed and loved.  Only then will we truly grow emotionally and academically.

Curiosity, creativity and collective flexibility.  

"Explore, Create, Evolve."

-Nature's Gossip