"Explore, Create, Evolve."

 It's time we recognize and instill in our youth the importance of creativity and that a strong and balanced society recognizes the importance of not just strong academics, but those with strong creative streaks, risk takers, engineers, free thinkers, and the importance of letting teachers teach their classrooms as they see fit, children are far from a one size fits all. . .  this is only seen within the population of cultures whereby we control ideas, communications and media.  When we balance ourselves with our inner and outer energy and not against each other then we will evolve as a species.

We simply cannot perceive what out senses and minds do not understand, and we only believe we know such obtuse information when we decide to follow and believe what we've been told, rather than ask questions and find answers through growth and experience.

Curiosity, creativity and collective flexibility.  

"Explore, create, Evolve.